An inspiring story of an engineer who left his job at Cognizant to become a social volunteer

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An inspiring story of an engineer who left his
job at Cognizant to become a social volunteer

by A Mondal, 8 November 2016

  • In a time, when everybody is so obsessed and occupied with their own life there are few who are courageous to take the other way to sacrifice the comfort life to bring a social change in the society.

  • One such inspiring soul is Karthee Vidya, founder and the first volunteer of Team Everest. He is from a small town named Arni in Tiruvannamalai District of Tamil Nadu. Born to a lower-middle-class family (his father was a marriage videographer and mother was a government school teacher) he studied in rural government aided schools where he got to meet lots of students from villages who are from below poverty lines and who could not afford their school fees.

  • He believed every child in this world should have equal access to quality education. He was deeply disturbed by the fact that a privilege student can get quality education as wealthy parents can afford private schools whereas an underprivileged student with weak economic background is left with only few choices.

  • To bring the change and give back something to the society he started volunteering with college clubs during his engineering days. He joined corporate job in 2006. Three of his friends with him donated their first-month salary to help underprivileged students in rural school by buying uniforms, books, geometry boxes. Thus, the seed for Team Everest was sown. Karthee say’s

  • “Volunteer. No matter whether we are rich or poor. Busy or not occupied. Happy or Sad. Everyone, at every point of time, has something to give to others.”

  • Karthee was a java developer at Cognizant. On Dec 2014, he took the bold decision to quit his job and dedicate himself full time with Team Everest. Being married without a job is very difficult in India, but Karthee’s wife welcomed his decision. She is one of the main support pillar for him. Their marriage is an another inspiring story.

    • They printed Invitation card in the size of visiting card to save paper.

    • Distributed 200 plants saplings during marriage

    • Donated about 400 books

    • Ensured no plastic cups, bottles or plates are used.

    • You can read the full story here.

  • Through Team Everest, Karthee and his volunteering team have impacted the lives of many, one such story is of a boy named “Karthik” from Bodinayakanur’ in Theni Dist of Tamilnadu. Karthik was a brilliant student but his parents could not afford to pay his fees and he had to sell samosas in street. When Team Everest came to know about him, they contacted him. The boy wanted to do Automobile engineering but could not have the money to buy his application form. Team Everest sponsored his education. The boy completed his Automobile Engineering from a good college and is now employed with “Renault Nissan”. Today Karthik is one of the proud donors for Team Everest.

  • This is one example of the many lives they have impacted. Learn more about their “I am the change fellowship programme”.

  • Click here to read the full interview with Kathee Vidya

  • To Volunteer with Karthee & Team Everest, Call or whatsapp him at +91 89399 12365.

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